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Kolortek is a professional manufacturer of effect pigments with 20 years of industry experience and a global reputation. We can provide:

  • 4 Types of Thermochromic Pigments
  • High Quality, Factory Prices
  • COA, TDS, MSDS, Reach, ISO, No Animals Test, etc
  • OEM/ODM Services - Logo design, Private label, Customized packaging, etc

With high-quality products and professional services, Kolortek must be your reliable supplier!

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Thermochromic Pigments
Colored To Colorless

Thermochromic pigments change color with the change of temperature, and become colorless when the temperature rises.

Thermochromic Pigments
Colored To Another Colored

As the temperature increases, the pigments change from one color to another.

Food Grade Thermochromic
Food Grade Series (BPA Free)

KOLORTEK provides the highest quality thermochromic pigments, including BPA Free food grade thermochromic pigments.


Product catalogs, Custom new colors, Matching colors, MSDS, TDS, Formulations, Private labels, Custom packaging, Sample evaluations, etc.
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